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Contract Cleaning

Zeelema Domestic Solutions offers a comprehensive contract cleaning service to businesses, no matter what size. Our cleaning packages are tailor-made to your specific requirements and are designed to keep your premises hygienic at all times. These services can be bought individually or as a package.
After our professional cleaning team has finished cleaning your premises, you will breathe easier because we give you a thorough, healthy cleaning from top to bottom. Our team members clean virtually every available surface in every room on every visit, so you can rest assured your premises has been detail cleaned.

Specialized Training


We train and develop housekeepers and room attendants for the hospitality industry. The major part of the hotel’s margin of profit comes from the room sales, because a room once made can be sold repeatedly. The effort that a housekeeping department makes in giving a guest a desirable room has a direct bearing on the guest’s experience in a hotel, and on the hotels reputation and its bottom line.
The role of the housekeeper is to facilitate the comfort of guests and ensuring their home away from home is clean safe and presented in an appealing manner. We believe their primary function is to clean but our training provides them to be informative discreet friendly and to handle any requests or problems relating to the guest room.
We are the subject experts in housekeeping and room attendance training!



Our janitorial services are rated amongst the best in the industry. We clean places other service providers may miss like top of the refrigerators. We clean kitchen and bathroom floors thoroughly - and use a grout brush to remove mould and mildew in the bathroom. We even brush clean the toilet seat hinges every visit. Our teams even use our healthy cleaning supplies to clean and remove fingerprints from phone receivers, light switch, plates and doorknobs to help stop the spread of germs



Zeelema Domestic Solutions is an accredited training provider in:

Domestic worker Training: (See Schedule at the bottom page)

Corporate Training:
Hygine and Cleaning Services
Housekeeping for the Hospitality sector

All our training material is aligned to SAQA unit standards and we only use registered facilitators, assessors and moderators.

About Our Company

Zeelema Domestic Solutions is an industry leading cleaning service provider, that offers the following services as once-off and on a contract basis:
Commercial Cleaning Services (industrial buildings, malls, offices, hospitals, after event clean-ups and post-construction cleaning)
Training and placement of home executives for homes & housekeepers for the hospitality industry.
Waste Management and Removal (rubble removal, garden clean-ups & recycling.)

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